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Interactive Multimedia Art Experience Isolationist Nightclub Simulator Joins Steam on March 11th for PC and Mac

Take refuge away from the pandemic and crazy world events for a little while in the Isolationist Nightclub Simulator, heading to Steam on March 11th. Explore a futuristic, neon lit, labyrinthine nightclub, playing mini-games, creating your own electronic music, traversing the forest-scale garden or just relaxing in one of many Chill Out rooms.

Created by composer and sound designer Edwin Montgomery, Isolationist Nightclub Simulator is a sandbox-meets-multimedia art experience that depicts an all-too-familiar situation where plague has all but shut down life on Earth’s surface, driving you to escape into your very own vast and futuristic nightclub. Create your own music (no prior skill required!) using in-game instruments, including a synth keyboard, drum machine, bass loops and arpeggiator, or occupy yourself with an assortment of mini-games in your club’s Arcade.

Feel like just relaxing instead? Explore a series of serpentine spaces, such as an art gallery, a forest-scale garden and a number of Chill Out rooms where you can sit back with a virtual drink and relax with soothing music – perhaps of your own making. You can also leave notes for other players with the in-game messaging system, which randomly populates items such as drink coasters and toilet wall graffiti with your messages. 

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator is supported by Creative Victoria’s COVID-19 Sustaining Creative Workers grant and is designed to provide a relaxingly creative experience that offers a little something for everyone, no matter what mood you are in. Isolationist Nightclub Simulator is expected to launch on Steam soon for the price of $5USD with a 10% sale at launch.

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator – Announcement Trailer

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