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Rolled Out! Announces Early Access Release Date

Polarbyte Games and Skymap Games are pleased to announce that indie marble roller Rolled Out! is launching in Early Access on Steam on March 23rd, 2021! All you need is one joystick to roll to the goal; fly through courses with speedy reflexes, plot your way through tricky puzzle levels, and stay nimble around obstacles like bumpers, switches, and gravity floors. Wishlist the game today, and tackle over 150 hand-crafted stages in the game’s Early Access release!

Rolled Out! Early Access Trailer & Release Date Announcement

“I feel like we’re creating something special in the marble game genre. With simple controls and flexible physics, there’s always opportunities to do amazing stunts in Rolled Out!”

– Twilight, Lead Designer

Why Early Access?

Since Rolled Out!’s initial crowdfunding campaign, backers have been able to play the game as it comes to life, giving their thoughts and shaping the process. However, this meant access to the game was limited to just those backers. The team is thrilled to open the game up to a wider audience who can help guide the future of Rolled Out!


  • 150+ stages across a range of difficulties, for players of all skill levels.
  • Unique environments, each with their own special style – including mechanics, music, and stage visuals. Roll through. the candy factory, the desert ruins, the virtual reality zone, and more.
  • Play through life-limited courses in Arcade Mode, or try any stage freely in Practice Mode.
  • Track your personal best times and scores on each stage.
  • Create custom levels using our Blender 3D plugin.

Wishlist the game now on Steam, and pick it up when it launches in Early Access on March 23rd, 2021!

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