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Phodex Games Reveals RAIDBORN an Epic First-person Dungeon Crawler for PC

Today independent developer Phodex Games announced Raidborn, an epic first-person Dungeon Crawler, with a focus on ferocious combat and level exploration. The game is coming to Steam Early Access in late 2021, for Windows desktop PCs. Find the official announcement trailer, introduction trailer, other important information, and links in the facts sheet below.

In Raidborn you explore dynamically generated levels, hurl yourself into brutal first-person combat, experiment with numerous exciting skills, and satisfy your insatiable greed for loot and wealth.

As a member of the royal guard, you are dishonorably discharged from service, after the terrible murder of the king. To make matters worse, magical crystals sprout from the ground all over the land, turning surrounding creatures into mindless minions. Now it’s up to you to clear your name and save the world of Runia from a dark demon lord.


  • Dynamically generated levels and quests.
  • Sophisticated ragdoll physics.
  • Weighty weapons feedback.
  • Satisfying kick mechanic.
  • Extensive skill tree.
  • Animal companions.
  • A diverse arsenal of melee and ranged weapons.

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