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Sunblaze is a Story-driven Precision Platformer With Lots of Challenge, Massive Game-time, and Loads of Amusement Even for the Best Players

The game, published by Bonus Stage Publishing, arrives on May 13th on PC via Steam & GOG, and on Nintendo Switch. Sunblaze’s PC demo is now available for a limited audience, anyone can sign up to the queue via this link.

To put it simply: if you liked Celeste or Super Meat Boy, you will love Sunblaze. And if you have not heard of those two: you will most likely still love Sunblaze. In this beautiful, hand-crafted precision platformer you’ll play as a teenage girl Josie, who starts superhero training in a simulator built by her retired superhero dad. Among the over 500 levels Josie comes across with brain-twisting puzzles, epic double-jumps and dashes, silly dad jokes, dangerous obstacles… And her sidekick: the cat.

Sunblaze is a fresh and amusingly challenging addition to the selection of precision platformer games. Pixel graphics look stunning and the whole art style is just beautiful. Sunblaze’s demo is now available for a closed audience with the actual release on the 13th of May, published by Bonus Stage Publishing. The studio behind the newcomer is Games from Earth, from Belgium.

While offering a perfect environment to succeed, lose nerves and succeed again while leaping around the room full of dangers, the game embodies a relatable father-daughter relationship. In a slightly unusual setting, maybe. But, who wouldn’t want to be trained to be a superhero, by one’s dad.

Josie, aka. Sunblaze can, well, obviously jump, dash, hold on to walls, and do many other tricks. And that’s something to be repeated a couple of times since the game offers a massive amount of game-time with almost-endless amounts of levels to complete. Sunblaze is an optimal combination of epic fun and mad challenging moments which will get the player hooked for hours after hours.

Key info

Lead Josie, aka. Sunblaze into a superhero training simulator built by her dad, a retired protagonist fighting the evils of our universe. Sunblaze is a brain-twisting precision platformer with hundreds of challenging levels, an awesome story, a superb soundtrack, and beautiful game design. Sunblaze is developed by a Belgian studio, Games from Earth.

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