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We’re Releasing the Steam Page on the 3rd of March

We’re releasing the Steam page on the 3rd of March. Here are some interesting facts about the game:

Espresso Tycoon is a brand-new approach to the old, wonderful tycoon games you remember from your childhood. You will deal with a hardcore management and economy full of variable structures, connections and solutions. The best of the best will be able to build a successful coffee business – and possibly a whole coffee empire.

Coffee is our hero!

Setting, decor, service – all are important to create a successful coffee business. But let’s be honest, coffee is the hero here. You’ll have to choose from different coffee grounds (but first – get to know your customers’ preferences), add the appropriate amount of water and milk and finish up the coffee with the beautiful latte art on top. Our 3D coffee editor will help you in creating even the craziest recipe!

Be popular!

These days if you’re not active in social media, you don’t exist. We have created a virtual social network, with the Beanstagram at the top, where customers can post photos and write about your coffee shop. Watch how it boosts the popularity of your café.

‘We want each player to see how those old, well-known tycoon games can look with a modern twist. We’re adding the beautiful graphics and hardcore economy – to meet the expectations of all different users. We are creating a 3D coffee editor and the whole virtual social network within the game, because we know how those small details are essential for the players’, say Wojciech Roszkowiak and Piotr Szwach, the makers of Espresso Tycoon. “We want each user to hear our message – You will face a lot of circumstances which will allow you to build the coffee shop of your dreams!”

On the 3rd of March we will have the premiere of a Steam page for Espresso Tycoon. And it is the first phase. The demo version of the game will be ready this year (2021). The release date being end of 2022.

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