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My Time at Sandrock EA Launch is Being Postponed

Independent developer Pathea Games, the studio behind popular sandbox RPG My Time at Portia, has announced today that its sequel My Time at Sandrock is being delayed until further notice.

Pathea Games is facing issues with obtaining necessary local ratings certifications required to publish the game in certain regions. As the process is dragging out, the Studio has announced that they currently cannot estimate when the certification process can be finalized, and the game’s Early Access release is thus delayed until further notice.

“It is not sure how long it will take for us to get the license, but we are hoping for the best and we are preparing for the launch so that when we get it, the game can be released at short notice,” said Morten Andersen, Brand Manager for My Time at Sandrock, assuring players that as soon as the paperwork is finished, the game should be ready to go out.

In the meanwhile, the developing team is seeing this as an opportunity to use the extra time to keep developing the game together with the closed beta testers, pouring more love and creativity into new content and features, and ultimately giving a better experience for everyone.

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