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New Gameplay Overview Trailer Revealed for Realistic Stealth-action Shooter Intravenous

Too Indie To Fail and Roman Glebenkov today revealed a brand new gameplay overview trailer for the realistic stealth-action shooter Intravenous, ahead of the game’s launch on PC in 2021.

Gameplay Overview Trailer: here.

The trailer gives you a glimpse into the complex systems behind Intravenous: from the special characteristics of the different weapons to what influences your noise level and how your visibility is affected by light sources. And this is just the beginning. Many more features will be revealed in the future to truly hone the realistic aspect of Intravenous.

About Intravenous

Intravenous is a challenging stealth-action shooter that gives players the freedom to take the gameplay approach that suits their playstyle: blasting through levels in brutal fast-paced combat, or sneaking around encounters to avoid confrontation. As Steve Robbins – a man set out for revenge after losing his brother to low-life junkies, you delve deep into the criminal world under the guise of darkness or go armed to the teeth, guns-blazing, and padded with armor.Intravenous can be added to your Steam Wishlist now.

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