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The Tenants – a Rental Property Empire Simulator – Releases its Free Trial Today

A completely new project deriving from the cooperation between Ancient Forge Studio and Frozen District, the creators of House Flipper, is getting close to its release day – that’s why the developers are giving you the opportunity to play the prologue.

The Tenants, which could be considered a landlord simulator, is right around the corner! Don’t miss it!

The Tenants – Gameplay Trailer 2021

Renovate, rent, and take care of any problems. Step by step, build your own rental property empire! You’ll face many difficulties in your landlord career, but you have to remain calm, professional, and ready for any possible issues to achieve success. Start with a tiny place, renovate it, and find your first tenant! In no time, you’ll be managing multiple buildings in the area, and that’s just the first of four districts available in the game! Work your way up the ladder, encountering bigger challenges with each district.

That is just a brief description of The Tenants, but there is so much more to experience. If you are fond of games that require planning and problem-solving skills, then you should be excited about The Tenants. The game offers many features involving renovation, investment, and real-estate management.

“We’ve finally entered the development phase where we can focus our attention solely on tweaking the balance, polishing up various mechanics, and hunting down the last few pesky bugs. We’re pretty confident that we’ve managed to solve all the major issues we’ve heard about from players during the Closed Beta tests and are anxiously awaiting the release day. We’re extremely excited that our community will finally be able to see what we’ve been brewing over the last two years,” said Dushan Chaciej, Creative Director at Ancient Forge Studio.

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