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In Space, No One Will Come to Your Aid – INTERASTRA Debuts on Steam

Polish developer of mobile and computer games blazes a completely new trail in its history with the presentation of INTERASTRA. The space survival game of unparalleled scale and challenging gameplay will soon be available to PC players.

Publisher T-Bull announces the long-awaited game INTERASTRA, previously known under the working title “Space Simulator”. The new production is a space survival game that throws the player into the distant corners of a fictional galaxy, where every decision may determine his or her survival. You can already add the game to your wishlist on the Steam platform by visiting the product page here:

INTERASTRA is a survival game set in a science fiction reality. The gameplay is based on two levels. The first one is the exploration of distant planets – learning their specifics, adapting to their conditions, and fighting to survive at all costs. In order to meet these requirements, players will have an extensive system of making items, including tools, all kinds of materials and food. At every moment of the game, the player will have to be aware of the state of his equipment and vital parameters: oxygen, hydration, hunger, fatigue.

Players will have to visit distant planets with different characteristics, so the ability to adapt will be the basis to meet the demanding gameplay. The second level of gameplay is the construction of space rockets, which will allow further exploration of the unknown corners of the galaxy. Here, too, the developers have focused on creating a demanding flight simulation system, thanks to which the player will have to fight for survival every minute of the game. Starting from the very planning, ending with the full configuration of the machine.

INTERASTRA is a single-player game aimed at PCs, which you can add to your “wishlist” on the Steam platform from today. The Early Access version is expected to debut soon.


  • Exploration of a fictional Solar System.
  • A full-fledged space survival mode.
  • Simulation of activities in space and on distant planets.
  • Construction and modification of spacecraft.
  • Additional storyline.
  • Creating the tools, materials, and food needed to survive.
  • Expanding knowledge about space.

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