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Sizeable is a Puzzle/Exploration Game Where Size Really Matters

Sizeable is a puzzle/exploration game where you get the power to shrink and grow almost everything! By doing so players will solve puzzles and explore small dioramas in search for 3 magical pillars. By finding these 3 pillars, the level is complete and a new diorama is unlocked, complete with it’s own unique theme!

Sizeable takes the player on a relaxing and care-free journey from the sunny desert, to outer space, and even the time of the dinosaurs! This way the puzzles never feel the same and each and every level offers something new and fresh!

The game is a solo project by Sander Ambroos and will be published by Belgian Indie studio “Business Goose Studios”. Business Goose Studios consists of 3 people: Sander Ambroos, Jonathan Wolfs & Beau Vankemenade.


  • 21 unique levels/diorama’s each with it’s own theme.
  • 4 Secret levels to unlock and explore!
  • Relaxing music composed by Jamal Green.
  • A Relaxing and wholesome Puzzle/exploration experience.

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