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Save the Date: Virtual Launchparty Sanity of Morris on the 23rd of March

StickyLock Games and Alterego games release their exciting psychological horror adventure game next week on the 23rd of March. Sanity of Morris is their second title and will be extensively celebrated. They hold a Virtual Launch Party and a huge give-away where they will be joined by Dutch YouTuber Milan Knol with 1.4 million subscribers, and you are all invited. The Virtual Launch Party will be streamed in English and will be accompanied by an enormous give-away for all fans!

The party takes place at the StickyLock Games YouTube Channel and starts at 7pm (UTC+1) and ends at 8:15 pm (UTC+1). Make sure to set a reminder because this is an event you don’t want to miss. The popular Dutch YouTuber/Gamer Milan Knol will be there. With 1.4 million subscribers, he is going to entertain viewers with a live gameplay of Sanity of Morris. Including great scares and exciting detective work. There will also be a live Q&A with Vincent da Silva, Alterego Games’s lead level designer, for any questions you might have about the game’s development. Last but not least, the Virtual Launch Party will also feature the announcement of who won the big giveaway of 30 steam gift cards!

Everyone can enter the giveaway event, via instructions posted by StickyLock Games on Twitter the day before at 2 pm (UTC +1). So make sure you follow the socials to keep up to date with all details and don’t miss a thing!

About Sanity of Morris

Sanity of Morris is a psychological horror adventure game. Using your flashlight reveals the vital clues you need, but risks you being seen. The game combines elements of stealth games with detective-adventure and psychological horror for a gripping story. Discover the truth! Could aliens be real?

Game Features:

  • Unnatural events are taking place in small-town Greenlake.
  • A bloodcurdling Psychological Horror Detective.
  • Move around unseen, outmaneuvering your enemies.
  • Search for hidden clues to find your father.
  • Discover YOUR version of the truth.
  • Could there be aliens in Greenlake?

Prepare yourself for a scarily amazing launchparty, the 23rd, 7pm (UTC+1).

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