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Tall Story Games’ Lucy Dreaming Launches on Steam

Husband and wife indie developers, Tall Story Games, have announced their first fully-fledged adventure game, Lucy Dreaming, is now available as a demo on Steam and with a Kickstarter launching in May.

Lucy Dreaming is a comedic, quirky point & click adventure which sees players taking control of the destiny of Lucy, a young girl suffering from recurring nightmares. In the game Lucy unlocks the secrets to controlling her dreams and journeys through a myriad of weird & wonderful locations in both the dream world and reality. On the way she encounters a cast of extraordinary characters and creatures as she unearths the disturbing truth behind her nightmares.

The game is laden with irreverent and sardonic British humour inspired by Blackadder and Monty Python. This is bought to life with beautifully rendered pixel-art and a wildly entertaining voice cast led by studio founder Emma Hardwidge. A love letter to classic LucasArts point & click adventures, the game is unashamedly traditional but with all the modern bells and whistles of other games in the genre.

Lucy Dreaming is actually a dream come true for a fan of classic adventure games,” said developer Tom Hardwidge. “I grew up on point & click games like ‘Monkey Island’, ‘Full Throttle’ and ‘Day of the Tentacle’ so to create a similar game now which people genuinely enjoy playing is an absolute delight! It’s something that my ten-year-old self would never have dreamed was possible.”

Tom and Emma took a break from their day-to-day advertising business to set up Tall Story Games in 2020. Since then they have produced three short adventure games and will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of Lucy Dreaming in May 2021.

Emma Hardwidge said “The game is bit like Inception, but with more warm milk, badgers, and experimental groin surgery. It’s a unique pitch but the feedback we’re getting online is great, players are really engaging with the theme and with our hero, Lucy,” she continued.

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