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Derelict Void Out Today on Steam

Independent development studio Stirling Games releases their galactic roguelike city-builder Derelict Void on Steam today.
Derelict Void is a space survival adventure in which you have to manage your base and scavenge for resources as you command a ship and its crew with the objective of staying alive.
Originally funded on Kickstarter back in November with the support of 148 backers after reaching 112% of its original goal, Derelict Void is a survival game inspired by Frostpunk. The game supports content modding through an editor website.


  • Explore and navigate through stranded ships and treacherous debris to discover the secrets of the void. 
  • Take Risks and make the right choices to survive. 
  • Manage resources to your ship’s survival and balance it all to keep the ship going for another day.
  • Create your own stories in the world of Derelict Void, and share your mods with friends through our content delivery servers.
  • Open content creation tool where everyone can contribute to the story and world of the game.
Derelict Void Launch Trailer

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