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Exciting DLSS and Ray Tracing Features Announced for The Fabled Woods

In close cooperation with NVIDIA, Headup is pleased to announce significant tech enhancements for CyberPunch Studios’ upcoming adventure game The Fabled Woods for PC.
With implementing DLSS by using the Unreal Engine 4 plug ‘n’ play plugin, NVIDIA graphic cards such as the GeForce RTX 3070 and up will enable the narrative short story with maxed out settings and all ray tracing effects enabled at over 60 FPS at 3840×2160.
Adding NVIDIA DLSS to The Fabled Woods was easy thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 plugin, and the impact it makes on performance is substantial.” adds Joe Bauer, Founder CyberPunch Studios. “With the Unreal Engine 4 plugin, adding DLSS to The Fabled Woods was a no-brainer; it really opens DLSS up to a whole new world of developers.
Besides the performance boost in terms of FPS, The Fabled Woods also features enhanced ray-traced foliage, reflections, and shadows. Joe explains: “Our goal was to launch the first game that can handle Ray Tracing foliage with over 1 million instances and good performance. All the trees cast Ray Traced shadows and there are Ray Traced reflections in all the water you can find in the woods.” It is also the second game worldwide that uses RTX Global Illumination.
For even more info about the game’s tech, please check Joe’s detailed explanations on Steam. But first, check the all-new RTX Reveal Trailer.

The Fabled Woods | RTX Reveal Trailer

About The Fabled Woods

The Fabled Woods is a narrative adventure that puts the player at the center of nested mysteries within an expanse of beautiful woodland. Starting at a forsaken campsite, the player progresses through the story by exploring the forest and discovering clues, guided by unknown voices.

Despite the picturesque beauty, ugly and terrible secrets lurk among the shifting boughs, a darkness that no amount of dappled sunlight can erase. Get ready to take the first step, and experience an unforgettable journey!

Features include:

  • Three intertwining narratives to be uncovered, piece by piece, as you hunt for clues as to what happened.
  • Explore at your own pace in an experience built from the ground up for fans of the puzzle free, death free storytelling in games such as Gone Home and Firewatch.
  • Fully voiced, hear the characters as they impart their tales of strange going ons and mystery to you, the player, all set in a living world built in Unreal Engine technology.

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