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Planetary Control! Keeping Game Night Virtual for 1-5 Players

Kerberos Productions, the makers of Sword of the Stars and The Pit, have released a second tabletop simulation game for the PC, following last Winter’s Viking-themed dice game, Hoards of Glory. Based on their successful, Kickstarter tabletop game, Planetary Control! is fast moving, sci-fi card game where 3-5 players build armies to take over six alien planets and use Spec Op cards to keep them out of the hands of their opponents. Playable by up to five friends via the Internet, five AI opponents for single player gaming, or a combination of both with AI opponents filling in when human players are not available.

Whereas Kerberos’ first stand-alone simulation of a tabletop game, Hoards of Glory, was created in response to COVID lockdown halting playtesting of a physical table-top game, the results inspired the team to take the completed and released, Planetary Control! and create its virtual version as well.

Hoards of Glory worked so well,” says developer Chris Gerspacher. “what started as a tool to playtest a physical game very quickly turned into a proper video game. Recreating the at-the-gaming-table in The Unreal engine worked beautifully and the dice was just to satisfying. We were so pleased with the results we decided to translate Planetary Control! to the computer as well!”

Why virtual tabletop games? “With Hoards of Glory, we started making it into a video game because we were missing out on important development playtesting, but by the end we realized we were missing game nights.” says Kerberos CEO Martin Cirulis. “Playing together in person was right out, and strangely – even though everybody was at home more than usual – longer MP gaming was hard to schedule. It seemed a given that we should take our first game and make it digital. Planetary Control!, like Hoards of Glory, is perfect for recreating that game-night feeling.”

Will there be more real and virtual Kerberos games? “Absolutely.” says Kerberos COO Chris Stewart. “When we first started diversifying into tabletop games, we always knew the option was there to take our physical games and make their PC versions – and the other way around – but we it was more of a ‘some day’ thing. Now it’s much more of a given. The benefits of playtesting a game both at conventions and online are huge and having both real-world and online versions of our games just widens our audience. As an indie studio, we look for every opportunity to share our games with fellow gamers.”

Planetary Control! will be available on Steam from November 18th, 2021. The price will be $4.99 USD, with a 30% discount for release week.


  • 110 card deck.
  • Visually satisfying card and War Table interface.
  • Filled with Sword of the Stars flavor for fans of the SotS series of games.
  • 3 AI modes – Easy, Normal, and Hard.
  • Single-player against up to 4 AI opponents.
  • Multi-player via Internet for up to 5 human players.
  • Drop-in AI fills in when humans drop out of multiplayer matches.
  • Simple rules to learn the basics of the game.

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