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Shields of Loyalty Early Access Launches Today on Steam

Mosaic Mask Studio is proud to announce the Steam Early Access launch of our tactical turn-based strategy game Shields of Loyalty today on Windows PC for $17.99.

Shields of Loyalty is a turn-based dark fantasy strategy game in 2D that takes on the legacy of the genre classics and enriches them with great features and modern gameplay. Experience challenging TBS action with high replayability on the island world of Mantaria and lead your army victoriously from battle to battle!


  • Command one of several avatars with unique skills and auras.
  • Train your units up to become more powerful followers, who you lead and manage in challenging missions.
  • Find artifacts and strengthen your troops in battle.
  • Free “heroes of the old wars” and use their power and auras to your advantage!
  • Discover the abilities of your units and use them wisely in the fight against the unholy brood.
  • Form your units into larger squads to fight against powerful enemies and withstand the onslaught of evil.
  • Tactical depth! Use auras of your avatars and heroes, the terrain, and strategically advantageous formations to master the challenges.
  • Survive randomly generated environmental effects such as lightning, storms or meteorites that occur and don’t differentiate between friend and foe.

Shields of Loyalty is scheduled for a full 1.0 release in 2022.

Shields of Loyalty – Steam TeaserTrailer2020

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