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Zine.E Falouti Announces the Alder Forge Game for an Early Access Release in 2021

The Alder Forge is an Adaptive Turn Based RPG set in the fantasy world of Ertherya, you play as the five members of the newly appointed Fourth Squadron, a special unit sent to investigate a looming threat that might break a two centuries lasting peace, but things are not as simple as that, your journey will take you throughout the western part of the continent, starting by the Duchy of Elysia, the Kingdom of Royne and the Mighty Kingdom of Orvys.

The Combat:

The Combat in the Alder Forge is your typical well renown and classic Turn Based RPG, except that you can adapt your current level stats to the way you want to engage your enemies, from a DEFENSIVE MODE, NORMAL MODE to AGGRESSIVE MODE , each have their advantages and disadvantages, the Switch Mode can be adjusted in real time and doesn’t require a Turn to be used.

The World:

The Alder Forge environment was carefully designed to convey the world you will engage and invest your time in, but it is also full with enigma, hidden secrets and backstories, each element placed, sculpted and handcrafted is there for a reason.


Except Legendary and Royal items, each element in the Alder Forge can be crafted if you don’t wish to buy it directly, from Usability Drinks and Potions, to equipment, weapons and more, the Crafting System is made specifically to be an Easy to Use experience.

Fight, Explore and Solve the mysteries of the world, in the journey and battle for the Alder Forge, the Fate of Ertherya rests in your hands.

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