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Action-packed Holostar Command: Quantum Alliance Offers Fast-paced Futuristic Space Battles on PC & VR

Indie game developer¬†Holostar Command¬†is proud to announce May 1st¬†as the official worldwide release date of¬†Holostar Command: Quantum Alliance, an action-packed space shooter designed specifically for the Universal Windows Platform, including the Microsoft¬ģ HoloLens. The game will support all major XR platforms, stand-alone and mobile, and challenges you to join Commander Wolff and her galactic team of Holostars comrades on missions to bring stability to the known Cosmos.

Holostar Command: Quantum Alliance

Holostar Command: Quantum Alliance is a tribute to classic mid-20th century space arcade games reimagined in a contemporary version, offering support for the newest gaming technologies with a stint of nostalgia. You are a Master Holostar, where you help to bring freedom and peace to all galaxies by joining Commander Carole Wolff on missions assisting and replacing fallen Alliance Commanders, and to battle evil wherever it may be encountered. Warring tribes have gathered to form a massive coalition and they have made their way to planet earth, where you must fight in major cities such as New York, Seattle and San Francisco! From the command bridge you plan your attack, and Commander Wolff will lead you and the Holostars into battle. Only by wiping out the invaders will you prevail: the invaders take NO prisoners and show NO mercy! Therefore, you must take action and be decisive!
Holostar Command: Quantum Alliance includes a really cool Atlantean crystal teleport system which causes your appearance to change to match the location, time and culture of your destination; a system that teleports not just you, but entire ships and fleets as well. Fight in different regions of space and time, and against different foes and beings. Only the brave and daring will reach the level of the infamous Wolff!
Holostar Command: Quantum Alliance¬†is coming to all major gaming platforms and is preceded by a Crowdfunding campaign kicking off via KickStarter‚ĄĘ on March 30th¬†thru April 30th¬†with a STEAM‚ĄĘ launch on May 1st. The current build features 3 space battle scenes, 3 earth battles and 3 unique Holoship scenes. Pending the crowdfunding campaign, more will be added in addition to a host of other cool gameplay elements and content.¬†

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