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Historical Strategy Sim NovaMundi Will Explore Early Access on April 13, 2021

NovaMundi, the Historical Strategy Sim from Slashware Interactive, is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on April 13, 2021.

Deep in the heart of the XVI Century Andean highlands lies the vast nation of the Muisca. While traveling to trade with allied cities, your caravan has an unexpected encounter with outlandish invaders, marching towards your land with determination. It now falls in your hands to find a way for the Muisca to repel the Spanish invasion.

Lead a party of explorers and warriors, with each playthrough generating new landscapes teeming with indigenous villages, huntable wildlife, and hostile soldiers that your expedition will encounter on their journey. Discover local villages to recruit more forces, barter with traders, or make an offering at a temple for combat blessings.

The members of your party, supplies, and shelter must be strategically managed if your group is to survive the perilous weeks ahead. Navigate their way through South America’s dense jungles and cold highlands. Reach all the Muisca towns, convince their leaders to join the alliance, and summon them to repel the Spanish invasion and secure the Muisca homelands!

NovaMundi Key Features:

  • A plot-line inspired by the Spanish incursion on South America in the XVI Century.
  • “Real-Time with Pause” combat: Take your time to plan your strategy.
  • Detailed procedurally generated landscapes inspired by the geography of the Andean highlands.
  • Day and Night cycle and simulated weather conditions that affect your expedition performance.
  • Discover the fauna and flora of South America and learn about their indigenous cultures.
  • Random events ranging from friendly conversations between the members of your expedition, to deadly diseases and animal attacks.

“Early Access will allow players to experience the entirety of NovaMundi’s first campaign,” says Santiago Zapata, Founder of Slashware Interactive. “We’re looking forward to working with the community as development continues to improve the combat system, add more elaborate quests, expand the catalog of wildlife and natural wonders the players will be able to discover, and even add tools for players to create their own scenarios.”

NovaMundi is available to wishlist now on Steam, and will be available for $12.99 USD when it comes to Steam Early Access next month.

NovaMundi – Early Access Announcement

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