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Machinika Museum is Releasing Now

Sci-fi puzzle-game Machinika Museum is releasing today. Inspired by classics both old (Myst) or new (The Room) and developed by Littlefield Studios, Machinika Museum puts the player against mechanical puzzles in a mysterious atmosphere. 

Machinika Museum is out now on Steam, with 15% off for one week. 
The game will come to mobile on April 20th. Pre-orders start today on iOS App Store and Android Google Play. 

“Researcher? As someone who likes to have his brain teased and to find what’s behind every locked door, you sure fit the job.”

Machinika Museum invites you to become a researcher in a very special place. In a distant future, finding machines from alien civilizations is not unusual, especially in a museum dedicated to them. Your job is to receive these devices and to understand how to repair them.

But this time, something is different. You have not been given any information and this seems to be rather urgent… What are these machines? Who sent them? Why won’t anyone give you any answers? You will have to find for yourself which secrets and stories are hidden behind these mechanisms.

Machinika Museum – Trailer


  • Mind-bending Puzzles: use your sharp logic skills and your sense of observation.
  • Mysterious sci-fi atmosphere and story: there is so much you don’t know yet…
  • Beautiful visuals: cryptic alien machines have never looked better.
  • Intuitive and enjoyable controls: why make it complicated?
  • 2 to 4 hours of gameplay and mystery.

Machinika Museum is out now on PC at 7.99 €/$ with 15% off for one week. 

The mobile version will release on April 20th, with pre-orders starting today on Android and iOS.

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