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Explore a Snapshot of History in Unfolded: Camellia Tales, Launching Today

COSDOTS are delighted to announce the release of their lovingly hand drawn puzzle adventure Unfolded: Camellia Tales, with a brand new trailer and free prologue chapter.

Rooted in real world events, Unfolded: Camellia Tales follows Herman, an aspiring young poet, as he navigates coming of age during a time of great historical strife and tragedy on Jeju Island, 1948. Unfolded is filled with puzzles rooted in Jeju folklore and history, bringing a fresh direction to the classic Western point and click genre.

Unfolded: Camellia Tales merges real world history with the quintessential adventure game style to breathe new life into well-recognised mechanics. As a resistance rises in Herman’s home, and soldiers appear on the horizon, players are invited to collect, combine, sketch, write and solve their way through puzzles intertwined with the history of Jeju Island – all with the aim of keeping his family and friends safe from the oncoming storm.

With Unfolded: Camellia Tales, COSDOTS not only wish to bring an otherwise quietly forgotten tragedy to larger awareness – but share an unforgettable story with the adventure game community. When discussing the game’s launched, a member of COSDOTS said “I’ve been experiencing the culture and history of other countries through games since I was young. 

I always find it delightful to know the people around the world have so many diverse cultures and values. 

So I thought it’s my turn to return the favour and let them know about my culture and history.

Unfolded: Camellia Tales has launched on PC via Steam with three full chapters of Herman’s story. An additional chapter will be added, free to all owners, post-launch. A free prologue is also available to play now.

About Unfolded: Camellia Tales

Unfolded: Camellia Tales is a hand-drawn point and click adventure that follows the story of Herman, a young boy and aspiring poet living on Jeju Island, Korea in 1948.

Challenged with Jeju folklore-inspired puzzles, you’ll inspire Herman to draft poetry and sketches on his travels – soon uncovering the tragic history of the island.

Unfolded: Camellia Tales brings the human side to history, blending the quintessential style of point and click adventures with real world events to create an unforgettable story for any type of player.

Unfolded : Camellia Tales – Launch Trailer

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