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The Bus Launches into Steam Early Access Today

Today The Bus by Aerosoft and TML STUDIOS (Fernbus Simulator) launches into Early Access on Steam (PC). The game is a comprehensive new bus simulation game that allows players to become bus drivers on beautifully rendered routes in Berlin. Everything is as real as it gets: the streets, the buses (Scania Citywide Bus), the handling of ticket sales, the routes, the passengers, the traffic, the sights.

The game is released in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and 11 other languages and costs 25.95 EUR / £21.95 / $24.99. 

The features:

  • Large and detailed street map of the capital city of Germany, Berlin, in a scale of 1:1.
  • In-Game Line and Route Editors.
  • In-Game Timetable and Tour Editors.
  • Boarding and deboarding passengers, including ticket sale.
  • AI-Traffic featuring various types of vehicles, pedestrians and complex traffic lights.
  • Various sights, points of interest and landmarks.
  • Freedom of movement – walk freely inside the vehicles and the world.
  • Full day and night cycle with weather and seasons.
  • Various control modes: Realistic, Arcade and Custom Mouse Control for convenient driving with Keyboard and Mouse only.
  • Supports many Steering Wheels with or without pedals.
  • Supports Tobii Eyetracking and TrackIR.
  • Photo mode for creating your own high quality screenshots.
  • Two integrated webradio channels: DoubleBass.FM and FlashBass.FM.
  • More features and content will be added along the Early Access.

Early access plans:
The TML STUDIOS have summarized the schedule of the upcoming features in an Early Access roadmap, which will be regularly adjusted and published on the Steam product page. The Bus will get almost limitless modding options during Early Access as well as additional bus routes, vehicles, a multiplayer and economy mode, The aim is making the final game a comprehensive bus simulator sandbox.

The Bus | Official Trailer | Aerosoft

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