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2D Platformer Rogue-lite Astral Ascent Launches Kickstarter Campaign, Free Demo Today

Hibernian Workshop, the independent French studio behind Dark Devotion, has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Astral Ascent, a 2D platformer rogue-lite fantasy adventure coming to PC and consoles.

Alongside the campaign is a new trailer showcasing the exhilarating boss battles and the lush, colorful world that players will visit during their travels.

Astral Ascent – Kickstarter Trailer

free demo is available on Steam, letting players experience this rogue-lite fantasy adventure, enjoy the combat system, test their skills in a boss battle, and explore the world. This demo is just a small glimpse into the game’s intense and fluid combats, and rich gameplay.

Hibernian Workshop is also revealing today more details about the bosses that players will face. In total there will be 12 powerful mystical bosses, the Zodiacs, which players will have to combat in hectic fights while exploring four unique worlds.

Today, the studio is revealing a new boss, Leo, joining the previously announced Virgo, and Taurus

  • Leo: Wielding a two-handed giant axe, Leo will do whatever it takes to pay his mysterious debt. Fire is his element, so our heroes can expect an intense combat. 
  • Virgo: Behind her beauty, Virgo hides a cold-blooded personality driven by tactical skills that makes her the perfect opponent. Be aware of her magic bracelets. 
  • Taurus: A reckless, explosive warrior that will confront you with a giant two-handed energy sword. He will rip you apart just for the sake of having fun.

Each boss battle will require a strategic approach to reach victory. Learning how they fight, dominating your skills, and discovering their weaknesses will be the key to earn the respect of these 12 fierce warriors. Their unique attacks and special abilities make each combat unique, demanding, and intense

Exploration and replayability will also be key elements, as rogue-lite fans enjoy a mysterious world populated by foes, friends, and secrets. Heroes will travel across hand-crafted gigantic landscapes designed with gorgeous art and handcrafted animation while unfolding stories set in a rich universe.  You can add Astral Ascent to your Steam Wishlist here, and support the Kickstarter campaign here.

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