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A New Indie 2D Metroidvania JRPG

CMD Studios, a Philippine-based game development studio that serves international audiences and clients wishes to inform you that they are developing their very first independent game made wholly in-studio – Fallen Tear: The Ascension. They recently opened the game’s store page on Steam, and intend to fully release the game in 2023.

Fallen Tear: The Ascension is a hand-crafted 2D open-world Metroidvania set in the world of Raoah. In this Dark Fantasy, you take the role of a mysterious child named Hira, who seeks the 22 Fated Bonds to learn the truth of his ancient origins and save a loved one. 

The game is our unique take on the Metroidvania genre, our twist and innovation being the infusion of JRPG systems such as party management, member trust, and character progression. It also features several ability and skill systems that allow for customization and specialization in the way you play. The game is also our homage to the classics, vividly represented with colorful backgrounds and a painstakingly hand-drawn style of 2D animation.

Here is a list of features:

  • A contemporary take on the classic metroidvania.
  • Go on a journey through a fantasy world and its diverse interconnected biomes and cities.
  • The world of Raoah has many different paths and doors: most are in plain sight, some are difficult to access, and others are hidden. Make your own way through this open, expansive world.
  • As you fight and help others, your learnings will give you Soul, which grants access to Masteries and helps your party members gain Trust!
  • Find the 22 Fated Bonds! These characters chosen by ancient pacts will assist you in your journey with their Talents, and occasionally provide Services. These abilities grow stronger as you continue to gain their Trust! 
  • Learn Masteries that will help define your character’s unique traits! Will you specialize in attacking, or will you instead choose defense to survive the most grievous of wounds? The choice is yours!
  • Unearth your true power with the Ascensions! The mystic bonds forged in your journey will unlock powerful abilities tied to Hira’s mysterious origins. Gain access to abilities that vary from powerful wall-breaking energy attacks to the ability to dash or jump twice in mid air. 
  • Are you an aspiring monster slayer? Join the Korr Hunter’s Guild and put your combat skills to the test! Earn contracts and learn new Maneuvers as you go up the ranks!
  • A whole world’s worth of diverse and zany characters (and monsters!) all brought to life with detailed, handcrafted 2D animation.
  • The intertwined destinies of Hira and the Fated Bonds are unleashed with powerful Unities unique to the combination of party members you bring along on your journeys. Mix and match your party members to find them all!
  • A monster of Hira’s dark past hounds and haunts him at every turn. Just what is his relation to the bestial “Overgrowth”?

Fallen Tear: The Ascension is coming soon to Steam, and we are about to launch a public demo this March 31st. Despite this, we have linked a limited early release demo for your perusal, here:

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