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Sol Dorado Heist Release on Steam

After waking up with amnesia, Alex Thorn finds herself lost and confused in a room she doesn’t recognize. A weird flashback tells her that she somehow has been robbing casinos with a mysterious criminal known as The Silent Ace.

The police are now on her tracks, and The Silent Ace is about to rob the biggest casino in town: The Sol Dorado. Can Alex discover the truth about her past? Will she find the criminal before the police do? Choose your own path and solve the mystery!

The release date is April 23, wishlist Sol Dorado Heist now on Steam: .

Key Features

·   An intriguing story about a casino heist, filled with funny dialogue, charming characters and lots of choices!

·   And those choices matter! Think carefully who you trust, or you may end up in a lot of trouble.

·   Stunning and unique art-style! With a whole gallery for you to enjoy it! 

·   More than 4 endings depending on the path you choose! Replay the game to uncover the whole truth about The Sol Dorado!

Sol Dorado Heist Trailer

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