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Crytivo Brings Power to the People

Publisher, Crytivo alongside the development team, Hermes Interactive are excited to announce their publishing partnership for the upcoming power management game, Power to the People. 

We know power-related puns are shocking, but we really think this game is electrifying.

About Power To The People
Power to the People shines a new light on the management genre. Players are asked to balance the ever-important power grid of various growing cities. Too much power and the city catches fire, not enough and angry citizens are left in the dark. Do you have what it takes to keep the lights on?

Key Features

  • Cities never stop growing.
  • Various power plants to keep the lights on.
  • Resource management, too much power can be worse than not enough.
  • Disasters, battle the elements like solar flares, lighting, and more.
Power to The People – City Power Management Game

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