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Nigate Tale Releases on Steam Early Access on April 12th

Publisher 2P Games and indie studio Hermit Games reveal today that Nigate Tale, their anticipated rogue-like dungeon crawler inspired in isekai anime will come to Early Access on April 12th for $19.99 / €16.99 / £15.99, with a -15% release discount.

In Nigate Tale you play as Roy, a young craftsman who finds himself stuck in a magical castle after a planecrash. You’ll have to fight your way through this procedurally generated cursed castle out of time and space. Loot the best materials, craft new equipment and develop incredible combat skills and magic, befriending strong monster girls in the way who will grant you astonishing magical powers… if you bring them the right presents! 

Nigate Tale also started recently a new series of dev blogs, aimed at discussing the development process of the game, its inspirations, challenges… The first entry is focused on the main concept artist of the project, a former anime artist, who explains the creative process behind the iconic monster girls of Nigate Tale.

After being sucked by a strange cloud, you crash with your airplane in the sewers of an unknown castle. The pieces of your flying transport seem to be lost throughout this place, so the only way to escape goes through exploring it and gather all the components. But it won’t be easy: a lot of monsters, who apparently were courtiers long time ago, will try to stop you! Also, this fortress is trapped in a never-ending day and you’ll be back to the sewers every time you die; the path will change, but your experience and items will remain. The protagonist will become stronger loop after loop! At the time Roy fights his way to escape, he’ll find several allies and discover the secret story of this cursed castle.


  • Piece up the fragments of a deep and dark story full of fantasy and magic!
  • Confront fast-paced rogue-like combats that will test your game skills and patience.
  • Design your own battle style through a wide variety of weapons, magic powers and useful skills.
  • Befriend cute monster ladies that will grant you new magical powers and fight by your side — if you bring them the right presents!
  • Craft the best equipment to beat powerful monsters and survive the most deadly traps.
  • Enjoy a vibrant and colorful world inspired by isekai series, with astounding low-poly and 2D anime art.

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