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Tetra Cube on Steam Challenges You to Master Turn-based Combat Against Futuristic Enemy Cubes Anime-style

Indie game developer¬†DDal¬†is proud to announce the worldwide release of¬†Tetra Cube, an anime-inspired turn-based strategy game with roguelike gameplay elements, challenging you to defeat an evil cube causing disasters in the universe.¬†Tetra Cube¬†is available for download today via STEAM‚ĄĘ.

Tetra Cube Game PV [EN]

Tetra Cube is a single-player game where you control the characters Nae and Dio from the Alpha Centauri institute on a mission to discover and solve the problems in the universe caused by an unknown cube. Each of your turn-based characters have unique characteristics; Dio is superb at using weapons while Nae is unable to use them at all. As a duo, working in tandem, you must lead your heroes into battle exploring unknown maps to combat enemy threats. Placement of enemies and items appear at random and you must react accordingly to the dangers you encounter. And you are not alone! As you progress in the game you will meet survivors that can help you on your mission, and Nae has the unique ability to hack into the robotic enemies turning them into allies to overcome certain obstacles and paths. 
Tetra Cube is a story-driven game full of unexpected turn of events. To succeed you must win a number of combat encounters on every floor that you play. You can take advantage of environmental objects and hazards to gain advantage in a combat situation, and with clever use of tactics you can outsmart your opponent. Knowing your own stats and abilities, and your enemies, you can balance your character development. To prevail, you must search all rooms on the current floor or level to discover the elevator key, which in turn allows you to progress with as much loot and skills as possible. Map or level generation is procedural, and you never know what to expect, and the NPCs that you meet might turn from friends to foes if you are not careful.
Tetra Cube¬†is a turn-based dungeon-crawler where the road to victory is to monitor your skills, resources, upgrades and equipment while winning as many battles as possible without damage. It is the work of a solo indie artist turned developer, and the game has already received great recognition and positive reviews by players and fans of the genre. You can obtain the game today via STEAM‚ĄĘ:

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