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Story-driven Epic The Emperor’s Own Explores the Consequences of Class Divides in Massive Alpha Teaser

Independent developer Volga Studios has announced that a free, three-hour long alpha teaser for its non-linear, narrative-driven adventure game with RPG elements, The Emperor’s Own, is now available on Steam. Set in an alternate universe inspired by the Russian Empire at the dawn of the nineteenth century, players take on the role of Imperial Secret Intelligence officer Cornet Alexander Obolenskii as he is sent on a mission to investigate rumors of mysterious and supernatural events in the borderlands. 

Voiceover talent is provided by SIDE, the award-winning audio production company behind preeminent AAA titles like The Witcher 3, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, God of War 2018, and more. An investor has financed full development of the project.

Witness a class crisis emerge with today’s gameplay trailer:

The Emperor’s Own Alpha Trailer

“We don’t want to sugarcoat anything in The Emperor’s Own,” says Roman Naberushkin, Community Manager at Volga Studios. “There won’t be any fantastical elements in our game – only authentic conflict that showcases the best and worst aspects of humanity. We can’t wait for players to try our alpha teaser and get a taste of the profound moral dilemmas that await them once our title is complete.”

When players begin their adventure, the Slavomir Empire is recovering from a brutal war with its southern neighbor. As fans encounter a range of professionally-voiced, multidimensional characters including noble ladies, corrupt officials, firebrand rebels, unhinged psychopaths, and fellow officers, they’ll discover that another disastrous conflict may be on the horizon. Dissatisfaction among the peasantry is at an all-time high, yet most members of high society choose to remain blissfully unaware of the serfdom’s plight. The line that separates friends from enemies and truth from lies becomes thinner each passing day. The Empire is sitting atop a powder keg; all that’s missing is a spark.

The Emperor’s Own will feature a mature, branching narrative where one’s decisions have far-reaching consequences. Players will have to consider each moral dilemma carefully as once a choice is made, there’s no going back. Though it includes plenty of political intrigue, players will be able to develop their own personal lives through friendships, family, and romance. Be warned, however, that any character, no matter how important, can die at any moment, perhaps even by one’s own hand.

An alpha teaser for The Emperor’s Own is now available to download and play for free on Steam.

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