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Two Leaves and a Bud – Tea Garden Simulator Coming to Steam on April 14

Indie developer Flying Robot Studios will be releasing their tea farm and factory management game Two Leaves and a bud – Tea Garden Simulator on April 14 on Steam.

Two Leaves and a bud – Tea Garden Simulator brings the real-world farming and processing techniques into fun-filled and challenging gameplay, taking a combination of understanding the age-old craft of tea production and managing the business operations.

Two Leaves and a bud – Tea Garden Simulator is made with consultation and partnership of ‘Chengmari Tea Estate’, which is the biggest tea estate of Asia.

Two Leaves and a bud – Tea Garden Simulator will be launched in Early Access and it will remain like that for 1 year approximately. During this time, more equipment, weather, tea farming and processing techniques of different cultures will be added.

The current Early Access version of Two Leaves and a bud – Tea Garden Simulator provides players with 5 different farms and 8 types of factory equipment to choose from.


  • The ability to produce different types of tea. Like Green, Oolong, Black, White, Matcha, CTC. 
  • Choose from a clone bank of different tea varieties, each with its own pros and cons. Use research to make new tea clones with desired qualities. 
  • Analyze the terroir, soil and treat your land to produce the desired result.
  • Organize work schedules and progress through the game day by day.
  • Time of the year, Dynamic weather system reflecting the unpredictability of real-world climate.
  • Protect your tea plants through specific treatments depending on the type of pest and disease.
  • Prune or pluck your tea. Choose specific types of leaves to pluck for different teas. 
  • Craft your Tea in the factory through the game’s 4 tea-making processes: Withering, Rolling, Oxidation, and Fixing. Each type of tea needs to be crafted in a certain way to achieve the best results, so you’ll have to learn and master each one.
  • Simulation engine based on real-world tea chemistry. (With expert consultation from Chengmari Tea Gardens)
  • Take up the challenges of producing legendary real-world teas to unlock achievements and take the title of ‘Tea Master’.
Two Leaves and a bud – Tea Garden Simulator

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