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Fishkeeper Kickstarter Trailer

The creators of previously announced Fishkeeper – a mix of an economic strategy and a highly realistic fishkeeping simulator, have started a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The team asks fans of fishkeeping and aquascaping, who want this hobby to become also virtual, to make a dream come true and help collect some part of Fishkeeper’s budget.

Fishkeeper on Kickstarter:

Fishkeeper – Kickstarter Trailer

The game’s idea is very clear: buy an aquarium, equip it, arrange its interior, add fish and animals and start breeding. While the producers want Fishkeeper to be special. They don’t want to make another clicker-like game with dumb animations, half-baked mechanics having nothing in common with reality. The project has three pillars: advanced artificial intelligence for animals, beautiful realistic-stylized graphics and an efficient in-game economy. It will recreate some basic mechanisms and dependences performing in a water biotype between species, like different fish compatibility, redundant snails brought with new plants or plant growth.

Fishkeeper Steam page:

As the devs noticed, there was no playable aquarium simulator like this that fulfilled all that criteria. At the same time, many players like fishkeeping and even do it on their own. Why not let them do it on their PC as well? A virtual aquarium that doesn’t need a place for it, real materials and effort, seems to be a way to try as many fishkeeping things as may be possible during the whole life. No permanent costs, no need to care about any leak, almost unlimited ability to buy tanks of various types and sizes. All that makes Fishkeeper a cheaper alternative for a real-life aquarium, both a friendly sandbox for newbies and a proving ground for advanced experimenters.

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