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Retro-inspired Action RPG The Skylia Prophecy Comes to Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation

Indie game developer and publisher¬†7 Raven Studios¬†is proud to announce April 23rd¬†as the official console release date for¬†The Skylia Prophecy¬†coming to Nintendo¬ģ Switch, XBOX¬ģ and PlayStation¬ģ.¬†¬†The Skylia Prophecy¬†challenges you to play as Mirenia, an 18-year-old girl on a quest for redemption. After unleashing an evil power when she was a teenager, she is now on her way to Tirkin Fortress to perform an ancient spell that should help her vanquish the very evil she unleashed three years ago. Will you prevail, or will you end up among the dead?

The Skylia Prophecy Official Release Date

The Skylia Prophecy¬†is a retro-inspired side scrolling action RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. As Mirenia, you will journey throughout the lands and towns, explore ancient dungeons and battle hordes of the undead in this hard as hell adventure inspired by the ‘kill the player’ philosophy of the ‘Souls’ games. Along your way you will meet the people of these lands, who will ask you to help them, sell you powerful items and reveal secrets to aid you on your journey. By interacting with the townsfolk, you will ultimately receive rewards that make the game easier in the long run – thus, you set the difficulty for the final stretch yourself!
The Skylia Prophecy will instantly appeal to fans of the genre and will challenge you on every turn with its hard but fair difficulty, powerful bosses and exploration-based riddles. Built from the ground up on all major consoles the game offers a dangerous fantasy world with epic quests. 

The Skylia Prophecy¬†will be available worldwide on XBOX¬ģ and Nintendo¬ģ Switch (except Japan) and on PlayStation¬ģ in Europe and North America.

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