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SimPocalypse (PC/Linux) is Launching Out of Early Access on Steam This May 11th

Gamex studio, developers and publishers of a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator SimPocalypse just announced that development of the game is still on schedule, updates have been coming out regularly, and there is another bigger set of updates coming soon before going out of Early Access on Steam later next month – May 11th! The milestone means that the game will be ”feature-complete” by that day and Gamex studio is devoted to preparing the best possible version of the game for the full release day!
SimPocalypse – a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator, where you manage & lead your settlement to become a global leader!

A word from Developers
Directors of Gamex studio, Rok Jesenicnik & Andraž Vene, said:
”We are thrilled to be launching the game out of Early Access on Steam and continue working on the new updates. We’re doing everything that is in our power to deliver the best game version possible for the full launch – which is happening this May 11, 2021 on Steam!
Our mission is to deliver a fast-paced game, full of various obstacles and challenges for players to overcome.

Initially, we started developing the game for the incremental players, but as the game progressed we included a few other elements/niches as well, such as strategy, simulation, 4x, and tycoon, making the game more attractive to a variety type of players, niche lovers.

As this is our Steam debut game (we were developing web/browser games before), and as we are new on the Steam market, we are learning new things quickly and listening to players’ feedback to be able to perform an epic full launch, trying to make this game a hit! We are doing our utmost and keeping our fingers crossed that on the launch day enough players will give the game a try and recognize the in-depth experience of SimPocalypse!”

Available in 13 languages already on PC and Linux (Mac coming soon)
SimPocalypse is playable in 13 languages already, covering the biggest language markets, such as English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish (Spain & Latin America), French, Polish, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, and is currently available on PC & Linux, and still, the developers are aiming to deliver the Mac version before the full release in May.

SimPocalypse was featured on the Steam Autumn Festival with its very first Demo back then, and later on, released into Early Access on December 15th. After regular updates and massive recent UI rework, they are now just one bigger update away from going out of Early Access.

About SimPocalypse
The world as we know it is gone, the nuclear war has torn it apart….
Players start as leaders or managers of a post-apocalyptic settlement, directing and controlling their citizens trying to gather enough food and other basic resources to survive while exploring around to continue stocking up on some extra resources that help them advance their civilization and expand it further. The stronger and the bigger the settlement is, the more resources it will require, but will also generate additional power when it will come to expanding their territories towards the neighboring enemies.

Players trade the excess of resources to generate more wealth for their settlements, producing tanks and combining various tank parts to overcome their enemies on the mission to re-conquer the world!

Key Features & Goals to master:

Survive the post-apocalyptic times
(Establish strong fundamentals for your settlement to survive)

Manage and control your citizens to create a powerful establishment
(survive different events through time and grow the empire despite any challenges and threats it faces.)

Rebuild the pillars of modern civilization
(Recovery of a modern social, economic and military structure is crucial to start thriving instead of just surviving)

– Choose your path with a massive research tree and Advance your civilization to new heights
(Will you succeed in global expansion or bring your civilization extinct?)

– Trade the Global Market to your advantage
(Manipulate and trade the market to become a global tycoon)

Speed up and automate gameplay actions
Utilize the Time-lapse feature which lets you vastly speed up time and help automate more and more of the gameplay as you dive deeper into its many mechanics – Play at your own pace!

– Dominate & Control the Post-apocalyptic World!
(Will you choose military pressure, use your wealth, or maybe a more diplomatic route to world domination?)

»Do you have the skills to run a successful settlement and lead it to become a global empire?«

SimPocalypse – Nuclear Update v0.8 [Official TRAILER]

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