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Blooming Business: Casino Puts an Animal Twist on the Tycoon Genre

French independent studio Homo Ludens has today announced its debut game, Blooming Business: Casino and presented its first trailer. Blooming Business: Casino is a colorful and charming strategy title, where players manage a stylish casino from a small operation to a grand success. The game is inspired by the rise of Las Vegas in the 1950s but is set in a fictional universe where animals can rake in gambling fortunes, manage the house, and even control the shady criminal underworld.

Blooming Business: Casino – Teaser Trailer

The large cast of cute and lovingly animated animal characters who take the roles of customers, casino employees and of course VIPs. They infuse the game with life as players interact, connect and also learn more about the VIPs backstories, fears and desires over time.

In Blooming Business: Casino players will build and run their own casino from the ground up. That means designing the layout and decorations, the commercial strategy and even setting the games and rules to make sure to maximize the profits. They will also have to deal with maintenance issues, remove pesky customers from the premises, keep clients entertained and excited, and even create moments of joy and exhilaration as wins for clients accumulate.

Despite the cute appearance, players will navigate a complex network of factions, allegiances and reputation management, whilst keeping satisfaction levels high amongst staff and customers. Successful casino operators will learn how to manage relationships with the mob as well as the police, while keeping the other key players happy.

“It’s so exciting for us to finally reveal our first game! As game devs, it’s incredibly interesting to try and bring something new to an iconic genre that we’ve been growing up with as players. Classic Tycoons all have magic in them, and we want to respect that formula, but Blooming Business: Casino will add some emphasis on the drama. It’s a game in which people will come to create their own casino and they will hopefully stay for what happens in it, we have interesting characters, meaningful narrative events, players will have to make choices, some tougher than others.” said David Rabineau, Founder & CEO of Homo Ludens. 

The game has been designed to be fully moddable, with Homo Ludens planning on releasing the tools they themselves use to make the game to the community after the game releases. Players will be able to create their own items, decorations and characters. Blooming Business: Casino will arrive on Steam in Early Access for PC, and players can add it to their wish lists today. 

Key Features

  • A different kind of management game, filled with personality. A gleeful retro world filled with charm and animal characters. Meet adorable employees, visitors and VIPs. Connect and learn more about them over time. 
  • Live personal stories. Your management style and commercial strategy will trigger different narrative events and it will be up to you to choose how to act. Beware, you may reap more than you sow.
  • Design your own casino, run it the way you want. What kind of casino boss are you? Micromanager or top level? Let your employees handle the tough situations or get hands on? You decide; just make sure the house wins in the end…
  • Set up the games as you like and manage the House Edge. Take care to set up the games, rules and patterns to ensure they are interesting and clients have fun with them, but keep an eye on the profits. 
  • Navigate a complex network of interests. Side with different factions, interact with the mob, the police and other groups. Bring celebrities to up your reputation, but be careful with the favor you owe.
  • Modders welcome. Download the toolkit, make your own items, characters and decorations. Use the same tools as the development team to create fancy pieces worthy of the most luxurious casino. 
  • Customize and decorate your casino. Invest in new slot machines and decorative items. Optimize the casino design to improve traffic flow and client satisfaction.

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