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Control: Override is a Puzzle Game Where You Must Share Control Between the Environment and Yourself

Control : Override, developed by B-Deshi Interactive and published by Brain Station 23 Limited, has been released on Steam and

Control : Override Release Trailer(Out now on Steam).

About Control : Override
Control Override Is A Puzzle Game About Control. You play as a hacker who has hacked into an rogue AI to terminate it.
Delve into virtual cyberspace inside a rogue AI that YOU created in the past.
Solve puzzles.
Breakthrough the AI’s security layers.
Reach the core.
Terminate the AI.
But Should You?


  • Simple mechanics. Unexpected consequences.
  • Physics defying puzzles.
  • A generous rewind mechanic that lets you fix your mistakes. Problem-solving is an iterative process.
  • A minimalist neon art style.
  • An intriguing story of a hacker who hacked an AI of his own creation.
  • Multiple endings that form a jigsaw puzzle-like narrative.

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