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CRASH: Autodrive is Out Now on Steam

CRASH: Autodrive, a near-future murder mystery about a potentially homocidal self-driving Autocab, launches on Steam (PC) today for $9.99 USD.

A timely sci-fi adventure, CRASH: Autodrive puts players in the of shoes of Emily Knight, a down & out college student who must investigate a murder with three strangers after the self-driving Autocab they are in hits and kills a cyclist. As they investigate, they discover they all know the victim and all have a motive for murder – even the car’s A.I.

CRASH: Autodrive is my first game since leaving the large AAA teams and striking out on my own. I’m very excited to take all of that high quality AAA game making experience and apply it to my own smaller and more intimate games,” said David Shaver, Founder of Studio Nightcap. “I know this game is very different from previous games I’ve worked on, but I’m starting small and building up from there. My hope is that people will fall in love with the characters and be intrigued by the timely self-driving car “What if?” tale I’m telling.” David previously worked on The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Titanfall, and Titanfall 2.

CRASH: Autodrive features a diverse cast of interesting characters, a pleasing art style, fun writing, and a bangin’ soundtrack. Players will get to know the characters, find clues, solve puzzles, and contradict lies as they unravel the mystery and explore sci-fi topics such as grey morality and what it means to be alive.

A free demo chapter of CRASH: Autodrive called CRASH: Autodrive – Prologue is also available for free on Steam (PC).

You can grab a copy from Steam (PC) here:

About CRASH: Autodrive

CRASH: Autodrive is a visual-novel inspired murder mystery game set in the near future where the self-driving Autocab you’re in hits a cyclist. As you talk with the other passengers, and use the clues you find to contradict their lies, it becomes clear that you ALL know the victim and have a motive for murder…even the car!

CRASH: Autodrive | Launch Trailer | Steam

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