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Very Positive Rated HammerHelm is Building its Way Out of Steam Early Access on April 29

Third person city building RPG HammerHelm is making its way out of Steam Early Access on April 29. SOEDESCO® released a brand-new launch trailer today, showcasing the wondrous world of HammerHelm with its unique blend of third-person adventuring and city building. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam where it receives frequent updates from the devoted indie developer SuperSixStudios.

HammerHelm – Launch Trailer

A labour of love  
Since its Early Access launch in 2017, HammerHelm has received over 500 updates – including significant improvements to the gameplay flow and graphics, new features and buildings, additional quests, combat enhancements, and more! Jonathan Hanna, the founder and developer of SuperSixStudios, shared a video with the community to show the progress of HammerHelm since he first started working on the title back in 2014. With the RPG coming out of Early Access on April 29, HammerHelm is ready to start the adventure on all platforms.

HammerHelm 2014 – 2020 and more

About HammerHelm
The dwarves of HammerHelm dream of living above ground, under the sun and clouds. As their leader, you help them establish their home and guide them towards prosperity. Complete quests, craft weapons and armor, defeat dangerous enemies and be the leader your townspeople need. The bigger your town, the bigger your adventure!

•    Build a town with over 45 structures where you can craft and buy items.
•    Explore the world and its many creatures in the dungeons, caves, mines and more.
•    Complete quests and manage your town to ensure the citizens are happy and safe.
•    Fight dangerous enemies in a fast-paced, action combat system.

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