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Metaverse Game Studios Released an Official Trailer for Upcoming Turn-based Strategy RPG Angelic

The official trailer of Angelic briefly introduces the setting and the conflict in the distant future and between mega-corporations of Earth and neo-humans, an advanced and synthetic race living in space.

The Metaverse team also opened the Steam page of the game and released new details with it, along with multiple new screenshots.

Angelic is a narrative turn-based strategy RPG, set in a dark, science fiction universe. In Angelic, you can gather up spectacular heroes, gain their love and respect, upgrade and customize them. Immerse yourself into deep lore and an epic story, experience unforgettable journeys with multi-layered unique characters. Command your one-of-a-kind spaceship and explore an unforgiving universe. Fight with your team to protect your allies, harass the interests of suppressive corporations, and investigate horrific infestation phenomena.

The Metaverse team also announced that Angelic’s vertical slice demo build will be distributed to the press and influencers soon! A new gameplay trailer is also in production, the team confirmed, and will be released soon.

Angelic – Official Trailer

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