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As a Deadly Virus is Slowly Consuming Your Body, You’re Forced to Reveal the Secrets of the Mysterious Serum

After the Bunker Survival, it’s going to be the second open-world game from the studio. This time we’ll race against time in search of a mysterious Serum.

Players are going to be thrown into the unknown world. Which, like a maze without an exit, plays on our sanity.

Every second count

Without any knowledge about how, why, and who sent us here, we’ll have to not only survive, but most of all we’ll have to find the answers to all the questions and manage to escape safely. We quickly realize that to survive we’ll need a mysterious Serum that will extend our life only for a couple of hours. An unequable race against time begins.

Game Island is focusing on the enigmatic plot and, true to this genre, the fight for survival in the unknown world where death is just a matter of time.

In our latest survival project, we want to bring the element of mystery. We meet our character right after he gets an implant with a microchip and his bloodstream is filled with the deadly virus. After waking up, he sees a timer on the forearm, which indicates the remaining lifetime

Michał Ojrzyński | CEO Game Island

Find the cure

Through the game, to access specific areas with the serum, players will have to upgrade their equipment with alien technology. The world will be split into different Biomes with different dangers and creatures hiding behind the corner, protecting places with the cure.

With the minimum equipment and a few clues, we’ll try to survive and solve the mystery of this world. We’ll explore the unknown to find out the truth about the Serum. Within a certain time, we’ll have to get to the right place to find our cure. To reach certain areas and zones, upgrading our equipment is going to be crucial for the player. Taking advantage of the surrounding world and using the right resources will also be a very important part of the gameplay

Michał Ojrzyński | CEO Game Island

Players will struggle not only with the virus but also with the whole world. The Player’s curiosity and will for survival will drive the gameplay and encourage them to reveal the secrets of the Serum. Developers ensure that a variety of options and gameplay mechanics will satisfy all lovers of the genre and will guarantee many hours in front of the computer.

Serum – Official Trailer

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