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Dark Sheep is a Block-pushing Puzzle Game With Horror Elements, and a Love Letter to the Commodore 64 Gaming

As a new member of an unholy cult, your job is to kidnap sheep, keeping them safe until the day of the ritual comes.
Will you witness the Dark Lord’s glorious return, or will things take an even more sinister turn?

A new twist on the classic Sokoban mechanics.
Two sheep cannot take the same path, forcing you to find even more creative solutions and more!

Retro Audio
The soundtrack was created on a real, modified 1989 Nintendo Game Boy.
Sound effects were made via SID chip emulation.

Steam Release
Dark Sheep released 23rd of April 2021.
Supported platforms are Windows, Linux and MacOS.
The game is priced at $2.99 or the regional equivalent, with a week-lasting 10% launch discount.

Dark Sheep – Release Trailer

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