Miska’s Cave Wins the Fifth Weekly Vote at the Game Development World Championship

Miska’s Cave by SoulFlee from the USA has won the fifth Fan Favorite Weekly Vote at the Game Development World Championship. The game is an action-centric side scroller with strategic components and animated with pixel art. Play as Miska, the inexperienced rabbit who wishes to conquer the cave. The only thing between Miska and her goal is the tunnels crowded with dangerous enemies. With her crystal sword and gravity-defying abilities, Miska aims to eventually overcome the challenges of the cave. Fortunately, Miska is not alone during her journey. Her friends can improve her physical capabilities and grant magical powers to help her reach her goal. The game is available on Steam.

With this voting victory, SoulFlee moves on to the next round in Fan Favorite category. The team will meet other Weekly Vote winners in a final vote for the crown at the end of the GDWC 2021 season.

2nd place was taken by Vectors by Hanna Hanna Games from Brazil: “Avoid obstacles and reach the end of each level by controlling the direction of Vectors. Can you manage your actions without going off the tangent?”

3rd Place went to Path of Kami Prologue by Captilight from the USA: “Path of Kami is a relaxing puzzle exploration game following the spirit of recently-deceased Japanese wolf Kazeyo as he navigates the trials of the Mortal and Spirit World through puzzles. He is accompanied by Wisp companion who is there to guide him on his journey. Path of Kami contains elements of both traditional Japanese folktales (Momotaro, Issun-Boushi), as well as a more personal journey for the main character. The prologue features a portion of Kazeyo’s journey through the Mortal realm and an introduction to the Path of Kami world!”

The GDWC team sends congratulations to the winning team and big thanks to all Nominees and voters. The weekly votes take place each week, from Monday to Monday and there are always nine new exciting games to check out and vote for. This week’s vote is already live on the event website at thegdwc.com.

This week’s nominees are:

  • Artillery Royale by weheartprojects (France)
  • Brutal Dinosaur by Animas Games (Chile)
  • For Evelyn by Kisuarts (Finland)
  • Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds by Ten Percent Red (Moldova)
  • JEI VR by linedevs (Russia)
  • One Pixel by Dash Tap Games (Brazil)
  • Rogue Waves by Diego Rodrigues (Brazil)
  • Smash Track Drifters by Diego Herreira (United Kingdom)
  • Swords & Bones by SEEP (Italy)
Miska’s Cave Game Trailer

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