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Dealer’s Life 2 Sells 100k Copies During Steam Early Access

Dealer’s Life 2, the smash-hit pawn shop sim developed by Abyte Entertainment, has already sold over 100k copies within the first 4 months in Steam Early Access.

Thanks to almost weekly updates, the funny tycoon sim manages to draw in thousands of players daily. Recent peaks catapulted it within the Top 200 games played on Steam.

“Early Access has gone better than we could’ve ever imagined and we’re extremely grateful for that,” said Federico Palombini, Co-Founder of Abyte Entertainment. “On the other hand, we’ve also identified a lot of areas for improvement, especially when it comes to end-game, and are closely monitoring our community’s feedback while we work hard to get the updates out.”

Dealer’s Life 2 is available now on Steam and will be 15% off for the next five days.

For more information, visit Dealer’s Life 2 on Steam.

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