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Do You Dream of a Return to the 90s?

Do you have the necessary skills to survive a 90s nostalgia-trip? Retro point & click adventure ‘Lucy Dreaming’ hits you right in the childhood!

If you know the secret of getting magnetic tape back into a cassette, have experience rescuing small mammals from the wrong end of a blunderbuss, or just loved playing classic LucasArts adventures in the 90s then Lucy Dreaming will delight you.

Nostalgic pixel-art and a thoroughly British sense of humour take you on a hilarious adventure through dreams and reality. Discover a cast of dysfunctional characters as you unearth the disturbing truth behind retro-obsessed Lucy’s recurring nightmare.

Imagine Inception, just with more warm milk, badgers, and experimental groin surgery.

Don’t just play it. Support Lucy Dreaming on Kickstarter before 26th May and you can be part of the action too. Tall Story Games are offering backers the chance to appear in the game as pixel-art NPCs as well as a host of other rewards including a Deluxe Collector’s Box, a retro USB cassette and hand-drawn concept art.
A 30-60 minute spoiler-free demo is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android, so reward your inner-child with a short adventure before heading over to Kickstarter to help make this dream a reality.

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