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Announcing Midautumn, the Hades-like Dungeon Crawler About Asian Diaspora + Gentrification

Just in time for AAPI heritage month, Sisi Jiang, maker of the IGF nominated Lionkiller, has revealed they are working with a team of award winning developers to create Midautumn, a supernatural dungeon crawler about blasting evil spirits, saving your hometown from gentrification, and Asian diaspora culture

Coming to Kickstarter later this year, Midautumn has you play as Robin Lam, a recent college grad with no clear direction who has resorted to crashing with their Grandmother in the fictional town of Nambo Quay, California. In exchange, Robin’s Grandma reveals to Robin that the Spirit World is real, its entrance is in the basement, and Robin is strongarmed into being its latest protector. 

Midautumn’s gameplay is Hades meets Butterfly Soup. As the newest guardian of the Spirit World, you will absorb the lunar powers of your enemies and reflect it back upon them in order to save your town, and uncover more of the story each time you visit the Spirit World.

Midautumn – a supernatural rogue-lite coming to Kickstarter

When you’re not blasting spirits, the town of Nambo Quay is filled with a cast of colorful, larger-than-life characters for you to forge bonds with. You’ll have hundreds of unique story events to learn about what’s really going on in this cozy, mysterious town.

The ever-shifting Spirit World is different with each visit, but its strongest inhabitants will remember you. You’ll learn new abilities between runs to grow permanently stronger, and surpass the town’s previous guardians and the evil magic practitioner’s vying for the town’s soul.

Midautumn is coming to Kickstarter later this year (the trailer hints at a date close to the real world Midautumn festival) and you can sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live on the game’s Kickstarter Pre-launch page! You can also wishlist the game on Steam.

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