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New Publishing Label Mooneye Indies Presents Haven Park

A new publisher with a focus on narrative indie games has just emerged. Mooneye, the creators of the indie hit „Lost Ember“, have announced the launch of their new publishing label „Mooneye Indies“ that promises to bring visibility to wholesome games that otherwise would fly under the radar.

„With Lost Ember we‘ve been lucky enough to bring our community a game that touched a lot of players and quickly became a fan-favorite among indie lovers. We want to share this experience with other developers and help them get their well-deserved place in the spotlight.“, says Mooneye-CEO Tobias Graff.

Alongside this news they bring the announcement of the park management adventure „Haven Park“ by solo-developer Fabien Weibel that will be released this summer on PC and Switch. Haven Park entrusts players with the responsibility to look after the camping grounds left by the protagonist‘s grandmother. With the cute main character and other quirky animal campers in a colorful low-poly world, Haven Park looks to be just what we all need right now: a wholesome escape into a whimsical and friendly world.

Judging from what Mooneye delivered with their debut title, we‘re in for a real treat with Haven Park. Lost Ember allows players to explore a diverse world with over a dozen playable animals and won us over with it‘s charming characters and a captivating story.

We‘re looking forward to seeing what other games „Mooneye Indies“ can bring us in the future and will keep you posted on any announcements from the newly-founded indie publisher in the future.

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