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Upcoming Indie Game Kingdom Builders Fuses City Builders With Action RPGs

Indie developer ebb & flow games is excited to announce that its debut title “Kingdom Builders” will launch on Steam in Early Access at the end of June. A free alpha version is already available on
Many players enjoy city builder games, but often wish to be able to actually walk and be more immersed in the game world. That’s why in Kingdom Builders, you directly control a queen or king and interact with all villagers of your settlement.
One unique feature of the game are the smart villager companions. These follow the player and help with all tasks. If the player cuts down a tree, they will also search for a tree to cut down. If the player is attacked, they will fight the enemies.
As the player progresses, more and more villagers join the kingdom, allowing more automations and possibilities to explore the fantasy world.
Players can expect the game to grow massively in the weeks after Early Access launch. The developers call their development process Rapid Early Access, where players will be able to experience big updates every couple of weeks. The community has an active part in the development process – feedback & ideas on the public Discord server end up on the actual roadmap of the game. Players can also chat directly with the developers in monthly Q&A livestreams.

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