Quick-fire May 2021, Part One

Georifters was first released on Steam on the 29th of May last year, followed with a release on PlayStation 4 on the 23rd of February 2021. Developed by Busy Toaster and published by Leoful, Georifters is a 3D precision puzzle platformer. The ground is your weapon in the fast paced battle arena of Georifters. Team up with or against your friends to punch portals, twist tunnels, flip lasers, and steal the ground from under each other using a unique arsenal of weapons and abilities in this ground busting adventure.

The gaming mechanics of Georifters are pretty unique – its ground manipulation system does wonders and allows you to move the world around in many different ways. You can use your manipulation skills to discover different hidden items and power ups. The graphics are also more than decent in this side scrolling platformer. Puzzle features can turn out quite challenging, but can be solved by children with a little bit of thinking as well. It is playable both in single player with its story mode or a shared screen multiplayer, be it co-operative or player versus player. Up to four players can show off their skills as they go head to head for victory. In Georifters you can spin walls, twist tunnels, crush critters, battle against the ground or with it. It can be used as a tool or a weapon you use to smash others. There is a variety of heroes you can unlock and which you can dress up the way you want to and combine different outfits to your liking – over fifty different costume combinations are available. Besides heroes, you will also unlock different worlds, weapons and upgrades. You can play the game as a fighter or a thinker, as both ways can be rewarded with victory, so choose your own style of hurdling through levels. Those are more than thirty each based on a unique theme with more than 300 stages. You get a lot of gameplay for less than 20 Euros, so Georifters is practically a bargain if you are into puzzle platformers.

Quinterra (Early Access)
Developed and published by Sidereal Studio on the 7th of April 2021, Quinterra is an Early Access strategy game. Embark on a tale of conquest across five domains in Quinterra! Through a unique drafting mechanic the very world changes before you. Dynamically tap into the land’s power to harness Upgrade Crystals in combat. Assemble your army and outfit them for maximum synergy aboard your air ship. Build and customize your army in this roguelite turn-based tactics game.

Quinterra is a roguelite turn-based strategy game in which you choose one of the heroes with own abilities and play styles. At the moment the game has four playable heroes with multiple combat encounter types. In Quinterra you must build your army with elites, minions, equipment, and crystals and have to plan them successfully not to fail at your expedition. Four species are currently playable – headstrong Lycans, tricksy Imps, durable Crystalians, and knowledgeable Ethereals. There are more than hundred obtainable units with over four-hundred unique abilities and over 200 equipment items. It is also procedurally generated with random rewards, maps, and enemies, so your every expedition and encounter will be different. Quinterra is intended to be in Early Access for roughly a year, with the full release having at least five playable heroes. They also plan to polish some elements like visual effects, have a larger unit pool and offer more varied encounters. The price of the game will also be more expensive after the game leaves Early Access, so make sure you grab it for 12,49 EUR. We recommend it to all people who enjoy turn-based strategies.