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Vanquish the Nightmare and Restore the Dream in a New Third Person Action-adventure Inspired by Medieval Bosnian Folklore

Long-standing production studio Prime Time is proud to announce Bygone Dreams, a fantastical third person action-adventure game set in a surreal dream world. Created by a new team in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the game takes players on an unforgettable adventure featuring elements from Slavic mythology and medieval Bosnian folklore.

An epic orchestral soundtrack will set the tone of the journey in over 50 original songs full of Bosnian traditional instruments and melodies.

The game is set in the dream land of Lume, an unfinished dreamscape under the protection of its matron deity. The dream however is being threatened by a terrible Nightmare. Embodying the spirit known as Wa, players need to seek out the world’s Guardians – powerful creatures worshiped and revered in times long before the corruption seeped in.

However, the task ahead is anything but easy, as the Guardians themselves succumbed to the Nightmare.

Key Features

  • Explore the dream-land of Lume, a vast world full of mystery and danger.
  • Face dozens of epic bosses standing in the way between you and the salvation of the Dream.
  • Fight your way through the game using a combination of melee weapons, ranged weapons, and magic. Customize your equipment to suit your play style.
  • Experience the story on Normal difficulty or get ready for an exceptional challenge on Heroic mode – a ramped up difficulty featuring revamped boss fights and additional Heroic-only bosses.
  • Unlock handcrafted higher difficulty levels.
  • Experience the epic story with over 2 hours of fully voiced cutscenes.
  • Show your mastery in special time trial and no damage boss challenges.

Bygone Dreams can now be wishlisted on Steam, with a console release being planned soon after the PC release. Additional confirmed platforms as well as the release date will be announced at a later time.

Bygone Dreams – Announcement Trailer

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