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Retro-inspired Carebotz Now on Steam Offers a Unique Tactical Gravity-shooter With Exploration

Indie game developer Péter Takács a.k.a Glasscannon Studio is proud to announce the worldwide release of Carebotz, an exciting retro-inspired arcade adventure with exploration elements. Handcrafted with love by sci-fi enthusiasts, Carebotz blends classic Asteroids® with Metroidvania® to offer a tactical, non-ordinary gravity-shooter, featuring an unusual hero of the day! Carebotz, five years in the making, marks the debut game by the studio and is available today with a launch discount via STEAM™.

Carebotz – Official Trailer – RELEASED

Carebotz is a single-player game featuring Bibz, a maintenance droid and protagonist on a mission to save a derelict factory from destruction. To accomplish this, you must advance carefully as danger lurks everywhere; the factory is full of secrets, surprises and unknown technologies. Navigate the tight corridors, avoid deadly obstacles using your hover engine, and learn to take advantage of gravity. The cleverly designed levels require investigation, and often patience and exploration are the key to survival. As a humble maintenance droid, your daily tasks might appear mundane, but when the main computer awakes from hibernation, nothing is what it seems! You will quickly find yourself with mission objectives to eradicate the hostiles of unknown origin from the factory! 

Carebotz is a 2.5D side-scroller game catering to multiple styles of play with many different paths to take. As you progress, you will encounter many different types of enemies and careful management of your energy level is critical. With an average gameplay session of 6-8 hours of fun, fans of the genre will instantly feel at home. Mastering the arsenal of weapons and upgrades is an important ingredient to win; only by experimenting with different combinations of weapons and tools will you prevail, and each offer a distinct style of play. Your collected valuables enable you to customize your toolset, making your craft more powerful and versatile.  


  • Retro-Inspired Gameplay.
  • 2.5D Side-Scrolling Fun.
  • Powerful Weapons & Upgrades.
  • Secrets & Surprises.
  • Gravity-Shooter At Its Best!

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