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Steamy Noir Visual Novel BUSTAFELLOWS Reveals 30th July, 2021 Release Date on PC & Nintendo Switch

PQube and developer NIPPON CULTURAL BROADCASTING EXTEND INC are excited to reveal that BUSTAFELLOWS will be launching on Nintendo Switch and Steam on 30th July, 2021!

  • Over 80 hours of gameplay, localised for the first time.
  • Murder, mystery, and dangerous relationships with unique interactive narrative gameplay.
  • Solve crimes, puzzles and more to unravel the truth.
  • Romance 5 dangerous fellows.
  • Unlockable side stories & multiple endings.
  • Cameo appearances from the cast of ‘Side Kicks!’
  • Complete Japanese voice acting, including KENN, Yoshimasa Hosoya & more.
  • Launching on Steam & Nintendo Switch 30th July, 2021.

  As an otome title, a genre known for its female leads and romantic subplots, step into the shoes of a strong, smart, and gifted journalist embroiled in a life and death adventure. With the ability to jump back in time, and into the bodies of others, collect clues, press witnesses and protect your friends in this thrilling noir visual novel!

BUSTAFELLOWS – Announcement Trailer

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